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Phoenix Snap-On Smile® by Phoenix Dentist Dr.           Matthews


Get a FAST “Smile Makeover” with Snap-on Smile®    Are you getting married or going to an important event and need a quick Smile Makeover? Do you have an impending social or personal engagement that requires a dazzling smile but can’t get your smile permanently fixed in time?

Introducing Snap-On Smile® the easiest, fastest way to get your beautiful, dazzling new smile in a snap. Get your beautiful, new smile in as little as 3 weeks!  A Snap-On Smile® is a temporary smile meant to help you until you can have your permanent work completed.  But, it can last years if needed.   Snap-On Smile® is a solution for patients with • crooked • stained •missing teeth • have gaps • those that aren't candidates for implants or bridges • undergoing full-mouth reconstruction or implant procedures.

No drilling, no shots, no pain… just a couple of easy impressions and you’ll be on your way!

How a Snap-On Smile® Works:

Snap-On Smile® is a fast, temporary alternative to Porcelain Veneers, Porcelain Crowns  and PorcelainBridges that improves your smile almost instantly. With a Snap-On Smile® you can have the smile of your dreams in just two visits and enjoy the following advantages:

  • Cosmetically improves appearance of your teeth in a snap.
  • No pain, no shots, no drilling, no surgery!
  • You can eat with them, and they’re easy to care for.
  • No need to be embarrassed anymore. You’ll want to show off your new smile!
  • Have the smile of your dreams in time for your big event

Snap On Smile by Phoenix Dentist Alvin Matthews, DDS

Snap-On-Smile® is the easiest and quickest way to get a beautiful, dazzling new smile in a snap. Your first visit will consist of a brief consultation with our Snap-on Smile experts  who will listen to your needs and wants for your new smile and answer your questions. Once you are ready, we will take photos and impressions of your teeth and create your custom, beautiful, bright  Snap-On Smile.

Once your Snap-On Smile®  is ready for you we will show you how to use it and clean it and you wear it home. The process is quick and painless and Snap-On Smile® will change your smile… and change your life in a snap!

Dr. Alvin Matthews is a highly trained cosmetic dentist that can also provide you with a beautiful new Smile Makeover in as little as 2 to 3 weeks!  Dr. Matthews is Phoenix's award-winning cosmetic dentist who has helped thousands of clients from all over Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, and Scottsdale, Arizona transform their smiles.  Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.  Learn more about how we use our experience, training and technology to create your beautiful Smile Makeover. 

How to Clean the Snap-On Smile®:

  • When removing the appliance grasp with both hands and do not warp or flex to prevent breakage.
  • Rinse your appliance with warm water before insertion and after wearing.  Store dry in supplied case to protect appliance.
  • Do not scrub the soft inner liner with a hard bristle brush, as this will damage the protective sealer.  If necessary, light brushing of the outer surface is OK.
  • You may soak your appliance in denture cleanser up to 10 minutes daily.  To avoid damage, do not soak longer than designated time.

Cost of a Snap-On Smile®:

Snap On Smile by Dr. MatthewsCall (623) 937-0267 or click here to contact us today for your free consultation to learn more about Snap-On Smile®: for teeth. We’ll answer all of your questions about Snap-On Smiles®: and the costs of this dental procedure. Plus, we’ll let you know about our affordable financing options that make it easy to get the healthy, beautiful smile you want.

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